Peace Lily Classroom

ages 4-5 years as of September


“Our son has not only learned about letters, numbers, and shapes but also about friendship, community and kindness all while being encouraged to use his imagination and creativity. We have watched him grow socially and emotionally with the help and guidance of his teachers and many times they helped us too!” -CCG parent


The children in the Peace Lily Room are excited about learning and are “diving deeper” into areas of interests. Through long-term investigations the children are learning skills in a natural and holistic way that fosters a life long love for learning. A past long-term investigation involved watching bald eaglets being born on a webcam which facilitated an interest in feathers, nests and eggs. The children measured their wing spans, learned about different types of feathers and then created them through paint and clay. The children also built their own classroom nest after working together to decide upon and gather the needed materials. The children have a large, open classroom that promotes independent, small and large group work. Children are encouraged to work as a community and find solutions to problems with each other whether it be about how to create something or how to resolve a conflict. Through investigation, exploration, and discovery, the Peace Lily children are active and enthusiastic learners who are expanding their skills and knowledge which builds a foundation for a life long love of learning and success in the future.