Upon entering our school, our lobby is reminiscent of a children’s museum and serves as a transitional area for both parents and children to interact in the school environment. We consider our classroom environments to be the third educator in the classroom. Classrooms are designed to be home-like to support a child's natural curiosity and inquiry. Natural and educational materials are accessible to children and artwork is framed exhibiting our respect for their work. Classrooms have large windows, open spaces for creating, building and imagining, cozy reading corners and neutral colored and child-sized furnishings offering a calming, peaceful environment in which to work and play!


Curriculum is extended from the classroom to the outdoors, where children can paint, draw and participate in small and large group activities in nature. Additionally, we have a mud kitchen, sound walls, sandboxes and opportunities for water play.


Each age group has its own enclosed playground as well as a separate porch or field area. Our outdoor environments give children opportunities for gross motor play including climbing, jumping, running, biking, throwing, catching, digging, scooping, carrying, balancing and more! Our school is on the campus of The Groton School, where classrooms can go for walks to see the beautiful buildings such as the chapel, and play on the playground and the field. Our school is also adjacent to a few farms that the children often visit to see the animals.