CCG is a close knit community and we encourage parents to volunteer in their child’s classroom and to participate in school functions. Each year, we host a few family events such as our Back to School Night, Family Potluck, and End of Year Celebration. Families also have the opportunity to take part in our mystery reader program where a friend or family member surprises the children by coming in to read a story or two to their class.


While school community is extremely important to us, we also try to make connections with the greater Groton community. We enjoy frequent visits from community members such as firefighters and police officers, community animals such as police dogs, and even community vehicles such as firetrucks, ambulances, diggers, and other construction vehicles.


We emphasize the important of social emotional skills and one aspect of our social emotional curriculum is learning about how to fill each other's “buckets” by being kind to one another. In order to extend that positivity to the greater community, we started the Kindness Rocks project by means of painted rocks. Children have the opportunity to paint rocks at school and then to hide them in the CCG area on walks with their teachers or in Groton and the surrounding towns with their parents. The rocks will then hopefully be found by members of the community. On the back of each rock is a random act of kindness for the finder to perform. This keeps the chain of kindness going. You do not need to be a member of the CCG community to participate in the project! To learn more join our CCG Rocks Group.

The CCG Rocks project is dedicated to the memory of Maddie Chase, a former CCG teacher who spread kindness everywhere she went


CCG takes on a few community initiatives each year such as our ongoing partnership with the The Groton Neighborhood Food Project. Our school community collects non-perishable food items throughout the year, which we donate to Loaves and Fishes, a local food pantry. This becomes part of the classroom curriculum where children discuss with teachers ways to help those in the community as well as things we can do for those who are less fortunate than us. This ties into our school mission of having each child become a socially competent citizen.