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Lily Bud Classroom

ages 2.9-4 years as of September


“The teachers are highly trained and compassionate. The curriculum celebrates childhood and discovery through play. Our family really treasured the years at CCG ” -CCG parent


The children in the Lily Bud Classroom are engaged in both independent, small group and large group interactions with their classroom and environment. The children are investigating and exploring with open-ended natural materials that are intentionally chosen by the teachers based on observations and interests. The children in the classroom are in a small group of thirteen which helps to facilitate individual learning and promote conflict resolution skills, problem solving and encourage a love for learning.

There is a heavy focus on social-emotional skills in the Lily Bud classroom. There is a shift from parallel play to cooperative play between preschoolers which paves the way for learning how to peacefully solve conflicts, how to express one’s ideas to others, and how to be a caring friend. In addition to emergent curriculum, the Lily Bud classroom incorporates the Kindness Curriculum into their classroom. This mindfulness-based approach helps children acknowledge and express their emotions, learn techniques for handling their emotions, and has an overall focus on becoming more compassionate, patient, caring, and of course, kind.