Our Sprout, Lily Bud, and Peace Lily programs enjoy music with Miss Pat from Music Together of Assabet Valley once a week. Some of our Seedlings also join in the fun.



Our Sprout, Lily Bud and Peace Lily programs all enjoy a weekly yoga class led by Brittany, one of our own Sprout teachers! In addition to her background in Early Childhood Education, Brittany is a certified children's yoga/meditation teacher.

The children are introduced to basic poses, breathing exercises, positive affirmations, and acts of kindness through the use of stories, music, visuals and games. Yoga has physical, mental and social-emotional benefits. Yoga increases body awareness and focus, promotes self regulation, kindness and self esteem all while exercising the body. 


Our Lily Bud and Peace Lily classes have swimming lessons in the outdoor pool at Groton School twice a week during the months of July & August.