Our goal is to provide children with the tools to be courageous, caring and creative problem-solvers.

~The Sprout Teachers~


Our Sprout classroom serves 9 children who are ages 15 months-2.9 years as of September, with 3 full time teachers

~Sprouts can enroll for Monday-Friday, Mon/Wed/Fri, or Tues/Thurs. All families can choose from half, school, extended school or full day enrollment~

"Play is the highest form of research."

~Albert Einstein​~

The children in the Sprout Classroom are busy learners who are encouraged to actively explore their environment. Teachers offer open-ended, hands on materials for children that provide  a sense of wonder and discovery. The teachers provide opportunities for children to gain self-confidence and independence while still providing a very nurturing home-like environment. Children and teachers talk and read books throughout the day in order to promote language development and social experiences that help children learn about their world, themselves and their classroom community.

Our Sprout teachers use an emergent curriculum model and plan curriculum around the  unique interests of the children in the classroom, using the children as their guides. Through  observation and reflection, the teachers offer opportunities for the children to explore these concepts further through play, exploration, and investigation.

​The Sprout class enjoy yoga and music classes once a week.

Meet the Sprout team!