​"It is our goal to foster the Lily Buds sense of adventure in order to grow and become independent learners. They will gain the skills needed to express their creativity and compassion for others!"

​~The Lily Bud Teachers~

The children in the Lily Bud Classroom are engaged in both independent, small group and large group interactions with their classroom and environment. The children are investigating and exploring with open-ended natural materials that are intentionally chosen by the teachers based on observations and interests. The children in the classroom are in a small group of thirteen which helps to facilitate individual learning and promote conflict resolution skills, problem solving and encourage a love for learning.

The Lily Bud class enjoy yoga and music classes once a week and swimming lessons twice a week during the summer.

Meet the Lily Bud team!

Limited Openings in Preschool morning or school day enrollment for the 2018-2019 School Year.


Our Lily Bud classroom serves 13 children who are ages 2.9-4 as of September, with 2 full time teachers and 1 part time teacher

~Our Lily Buds all attend school Monday-Friday for curricular purposes. All families can choose from half, school, extended school or full day enrollment~