We want YOU to participate in CCG's Kindness Rocks project!

To find rocks:

If you would like to find our painted rocks, check our
Facebook group for updates on where they are being hidden around town. When you find a rock, post it on our Facebook group so the artist can see it was found! Be sure to read the random act of kindness on the rocks you find and perform them to help others feel good-- then post to our Facebook group about what you did! You can keep the rock, leave it in its place, or hide it somewhere else. Some rocks continue to be moved through different towns and sometimes even make it out of the state. Take one on vacation and spread kindness around the world!

To paint rocks:

If you would like to paint a rock, make any design that you want with either acrylic paints or sharpies. Be sure to write a random act of kindness on the back and to also include our
website (theccg.org) so the finder knows where to post a picture. After the rock is complete, we suggest sealing it with a layer of Mod Podge on both the front and back to protect it from rainy weather. Then hide your rock somewhere around town. We suggest hiding rocks in plain sight such as in shopping plazas, on park benches, against tree stumps, etc. Post a picture of your rock to our facebook page with a clue on where you left it. Be sure to check Facebook frequently to see if your rock was found!

At CCG, we emphasize the importance of social emotional skills. One aspect of our social emotional curriculum is learning about how to fill each other's “buckets” by being kind to one another. In order to extend that positivity to the greater community, we started the Kindness Rocks project by means of painted rocks. Children have the opportunity to paint rocks at school and then to hide them in the CCG area on walks with their teachers or in Groton and the surrounding towns with their parents. The rocks will then hopefully be found by members of the community. On the back of each rock will be a random act of kindness for the finder to perform. This will keep the chain of kindness going. You do not need to be a member of the CCG community to participate in the project!

Click here to learn more about what it means to fill someone's bucket.

Kindness Rocks

This project is dedicated to the memory of Maddie Chase, a former CCG teacher who spread kindness everywhere she went

Our teachers made these rocks for Maddie's mother, each representing ways that Maddie spread love and positivity throughout her life.