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"The way we talk to our children​​ becomes their inner voice."

​~Peggy O'Mara~

​​​Our Seedling program follows the RIE® method, focusing on respect, trusting each child's competence, and treating each child as an individual who will learn and grow at his/her own pace in his/her own time. 

Basic caregiving times such as feeding and diapering are an essential part of building trusting relationships with teachers. We have a constant dialogue with even the youngest infants regarding what to expect throughout their day. We help each child be an active participant in diaper changes, dressing and feedings by letting them know what is happening and how they can help. 

The children in the Seedling Classroom spend their day developing relationships with their teachers, peers and environment. We use a primary caregiving method which means that your child will have one teacher who is primarily responsible for their feeding, diapering, and daily caregiving. While all of the teachers will get to know each child, this system ensures a strong bond between child and teacher to help your child feel more at ease in the classroom.  Communication with families is daily and decision making is cooperative.

Each child in the Seedling program is on his or her own individual schedule. There is a lot of open space to allow children to move freely throughout the room and explore.​ Toys, climbers, and books are sturdy and safe allowing for a “yes” environment with few limitations.

Meet the Seedling Team!

Our goal is to create an environment in which our infants are happy and comfortable. To build strong relationships based on trust with teachers, their environment and each other. Through these trusting relationships they will gain self confidence and independence.

~The Seedling Teachers~

Infant/Young Toddler

Our Seedling classroom serves 7 children who are ages 6 weeks-15 months as of September, with 3 full time teachers

~Seedlings can enroll for Monday-Friday, Mon/Wed/Fri, or Tues/Thurs. All families can choose from half, school, extended school or full day enrollment~