Curriculum and Philosophy

"CCG has been so, so many things to all four of us, but mostly CCG has meant COMMUNITY and FAMILY. "

​                                  ~ A CCG parent

 ​​ Play is the Foundation of our School!

 What is play?

​Webster's Dictionary definition: Play- Recreational, spontaneous activity of children. 

Our approach to early education is to provide children a loving, home-like environment where healthy relationships with teachers and peers and open-ended play are at the heart of our curriculum. We consider the family as the child's first teacher and value the collaborative relationship between home and school as essential to the child's first school experience.

 We respect the child's natural curiosity as beginning learners, their interests, ideas and theories.

Curriculum is emergent, meaning that the child's interests are considered as foundational building blocks for the learning process itself. Baking, science and engineering, visual arts, music, math, language arts, social/emotional skills and more are all encompassed through self-directed play and research based teaching methods.

​Teachers are considered researchers and guides. The art and practice of observation and listening inspire our classroom environments and curriculum.​ Teachers co-construct curriculum with the children in order to extend learning that builds upon existing knowledge. Teachers assess the child's readiness for progression and introduce concepts that affirm and support their love of discovery and learning!

Our goal is to help build a foundation that supports a love for learning now and into the future!

​​​"Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning."

~Mr. Rogers​~

"The children are not only cared for and treated as individuals, but the group is educated on what they find interesting. The creativity of the teachers never ceases to amaze."

​                                  ~ A CCG parent